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Insider's Guide to Aruba's Best Beaches

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If there's one word that pops into my mind when I look back on all of the good times relaxing and rejuvenating on the island of Aruba, it's the word pristine. Not just pristine in the sense of the impeccable cleanliness of the white sandy tropical beaches and crystal clear, turquoise-tinted waters shooting out for miles, as far as the eye can see, but pristine in the way that only an island vacation spent mostly on the beach in Aruba can make you feel. It's just something in the air - or the water, or the sand - I suppose you could say…and it doesn't hurt that the fine for littering is nearly $300!

So relax, and let coolness wash through you with the trade winds. And although the tropical heat may cause a bead or two of sweat to gently form on your brow, the breezes and the frozen drinks and the shade upon your hammock help to make it all ecstatically bearable.

To make this all yours, all you have to do is gear up for the beach by throwing on your shades, your flip flops, your beach chair hanging from your shoulder and your attractive date or fun loving family - take your pick!

Now, your most difficult decision rests upon which beach to actually go to. This is a very important choice you will be making. You see that while, from afar, all of the beaches at Aruba may appear the same, it's different up close. That's because each of the special spots for pleasure and relaxation boasts its own unique charm, making it vitally important for you to differentiate between the beaches, depending on how you feel. For example, are you feeling like a crowded beach, or a secluded one? A wind swept desert or a palm tree fluffy one? Read on to find out what an insider really knows about the finest of the beaches at Aruba.

Before going any further, I've got to learn just one thing - are you into windsurfing? Learning to windsurf? If so, I can feel good about leading you to one of the most attractive beaches for beginning and experienced windsurfers alike. The first one is Malmok Beach. It's located on the north westerly part of the shore, and it's ideal for beginners due to the fact that its shallowness extends 900 feet out from the shore. Also, those who like to check out the underwater world of wonder - its snorkelers and divers I'm referring to - can see the underwater shipwreck ruins of the Antilla, a Nazi ship downed in combat in 1940.

Another great windsurfing beach is known as Fisherman's Huts. Even observers will tell you that it's a wonderful place to enjoy a mid day meal and take in the show - it's as if the sea were spawning hundreds of butterflies, some of them flailing and others of them actually taking flight (these would be the parasailers).

If you want to take the whole family out to a safe place for the little guys, I would highly recommend Baby Beach. It curves into the shape of a horse shoe and features a mobile snack bar parked nearby as well as shade structures for that intermittent relief from the sun that's important for kids especially.

But if water sports and family outings are not exactly your thing and you just want to enjoy the natural beauty of it all, check out the beaches on the north end of the island. It's this area that's truly wild - often, in fact, it's referred to as the Aruban outback - and features one truly austere beach that is also so secluded and beautiful that you'll want to take that special someone here. It's called Boca Prins.

Other fantastic beaches on Aruba that are on the top of the list include Boca Grandi, Rodger's Beach, Manchebo and Eagle Beach, and Grapefield Beach.

Come to Aruba and discover an Island beach paradise.

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