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Manchebo Beach

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Manchebo Beach is an extension of Eagle Beach toward the south, and is better known as Punta Brabo. This beach is great for quiet and relaxing in the Caribbean sun. This is the best beach for just lying around and basking in the sun.

The white powdery sand of Manchebo Beach is the widest beach on Aruba and is great for many sports that you enjoy on the sand such as volleyball. The surf is stronger than the surf on other neighboring beaches, but is still wonderful for swimming and even snorkeling. No motorized water sports are allowed though. This is one beach where many visitors go topless and it is ignored by Aruba officials.

Since, the water sports are not allowed on this beach you can have a quiet afternoon for sun bathing. Other water sports like snorkeling and scuba diving are also popular offshore. Without the noise and waves caused by the motorized vehicles, exploring the sea be more enlightening. The turquoise water is clear and wonderful for splashing around and viewing life under the sea. The waves splash against the shore with a smooth and easy glide.

Manchebo beach is public as are all beaches in Aruba and can be accessed by taxi, car or bus.

There are some very nice hotels and resorts on Manchebo Beach. The favorite is the Manchebo Beach Resort Hotel. Other hotels along this beach include Aruba Beach Club, Casa Del Mar Beach Resort, Hotel Aida, Hotel Ceysands, Hotel Club Paradise, Hotel Susanthas, Lihiniya Surf Hotel, and the Serendib Hotel.

This beach is directly in front of the Manchebo Beach Resort Hotel. So, it is very easy to locate. Bring a picnic and enjoy the gentle waves as they splash against the white sandy beach. Enjoy the size of this magnificent beach and have your family or friends join in a game of volleyball or throwing the Frisbee.

Remember to bring your sunscreen and enjoy the entire day basking in the quiet and solitude of Manchebo Beach. You can purchase other items such as drinks or food at many of the resort hotels that are close by. The best time to visit Manchebo Beach is any time. The seasons do not affect the water temperature or the beach. The Caribbean sun shines practically every day, even during the rainy season. The rain is usually a soft mist and will not cause you to run to shelter.

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