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The Antilla, North Point

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If you are a treasure seeker or just interested in snorkeling or diving the North Point of Aruba has a spectacular German freighter wreckage to explore. The Antilla, sank in 1945 when German invaded Holland during World War II.

As the folk lore goes, The Antilla was anchored north of what is known now as the North Shore. The police rowed out to the ship and asked for their surrender. The police returned to shore and allowed the skipper time to contemplate his decision. Instead, of surrendering to the enemy, the skipper opened up the seacock allowing the water to sweep into the Antilla. As the cold water hit the boilers the boilers exploded causing the ship to sink. At least the enemy did not get possession of the new ship, the Antilla.

The Antilla called by many locals "the ghost ship" remains today as a tribute to the German soldiers that lost their lives during World War II. The ghostly skeleton of the Antilla rising up from the floor of the ocean with just enough above the water to tease while all the secrets inside its hull are left to be discovered by those that are brave enough to explore.

The Antilla is only around 200 yards off the North Shore and is now home to all types of tropical fish, shrimp, lobsters, and orange anemones. The pelicans know this area very well and love to perch on the Antilla and enjoy a meal of the silversides which jump from the water below.

The entire wreckage is 400 feet long and much of the ship is still intact today. The porthole, deck fitting and interior sections can be explored. You never know what treasure you might find.

For anyone that is brave enough to entire this "ghost ship" there are many dive operators available in Aruba. Many of these operators have tours as well as equipment you can rent.

Here is a list of the dive operators that you can contact for more information.

Red Sail Sports Tel (297) 586-1603 Fax (297) 586-6657 Other info: Two-tank morning boat dives are $65, one-tank morning or afternoon boat dives are $40, and one-tank night dives are $45. Packages include unlimited diving within a 7-day period for $300. Website:

Pelican Water Sports Tel (297) 587-2302 Fax (297) 587-2315 Other info: Two-tank morning boat dives are $55, one-tank morning or afternoon boat dives are $35, and one-tank night dives are $39. Packages include 6 days of unlimited diving for $325

Water Sports Roberto Tel (297) 593-2850 / (297) 593-1550

Unique Sports of Aruba Tel (297) 586-0096 Fax (297) 586-0096 Website:

SEAruba Fly 'n Dive Tel (297) 587-8759 Fax (297) 587-8759 Other info: Open to certified divers only, the package is $335 during the high season, $320 at other times. Website:

Native Divers Tel (297) 586-4763 Other info: one tank dive $30.00 includes tank & weights, two tank dive $55.00 includes tanks & weights. Website:

Jolly Pirates Tel (297) 583-7366 / (297) 583-7355 Other info: rates start at $50 per person Website:

Dax Divers Tel (297) 585-1270

Aruba Pro Dive Tel (297) 582-5520 Fax (297) 587-7722 Other info: 3 dives for $90.00, 4 dives $120.00, 5 dives $150.00, and 6 dives for $170.00. Dives do include tanks and weights. Website:

Dive Aruba Tel (297) 582-7337 Fax (297) 582-1817 Other info: Beginners course cost $65.00, other prices for courses are listed on their website. Website:

Aruba Water Sports Center Tel (297) 586-6613 Fax (297) 586-0524

Rainbow Runner Tel (297) 583-1689

De Palm tours Aruba De Palm Tours Tel: 297-582-4400 Fax: 297-582-3012 E-mail: Website:

If you prefer to visit the Antilla, but you are not brave enough to dive into the deep you can try the Atlantis Submarine. This is a unique tour in a glass bottom boat where you can stay dry and comfortable while exploring what the Antilla has to offer underwater. For more information on their tours you can contact them at (297) 5886881.

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