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Aruba is one awesome encounter for scuba diving. This area of the Caribbean was once traveled by many pirates and is home to the shipwrecks that date back to 1845 during World War II. Exploring the waters around Aruba through scuba diving is one experience that you will not want to have the chance to see.

The majority of the dive sites are along the western and southern coasts of Aruba which is very close to the hotels that line Palm Beach. These dive sites will give you breath taking views of the exquisite coral and exotic marine life that calls these waters home. Among the tropical fish you will see stingrays, moray eels, manta rays, barracudas and yellow tail. The shallow water around Aruba makes it much easier to you to travel out to the offshore coral reefs by boat.

On a scuba diving quest you can explore the sunken wreckage of the Antilla. This was a German freighter that was sunk during WWII when Germany was invading Holland. The wreckage can be seen sticking some feet above the surf but the treasures lay under the water in the ships compartments. The ship is still in tact and is very interesting to explore. Many tropical fish have made the Antilla home and the sea gulls love to perch on the Antilla and feed off the fish that jump from the sea. The Antilla is a full 400 feet and has many nooks and crannies to explore. Many people consider it to be a man made reef because of the various sea life that call it home.

Scuba diving around the reefs are the most popular around Aruba as they hold the most fascinating sea life and coral imaginable not to mention ship wrecks. You may even discover a pirate's treasure off the coast of Aruba. Each trip you take to the reef will not be like your last visit as the coral is ever changing making your exploration as unique as ever.

Many scuba divers also enjoy diving at night. The coral takes on an entire new personality by night that will not only amaze you but will give you some wonderful underwater photos to take home.

An exciting scuba diving adventure is called wall diving and that is when there is a steep plunge of the seabed. Many fish feed off of this wall and give you the chance to see a variety of exotic fish that you may not see elsewhere.

There are several scuba diving sites that you will enjoy experiencing.

  • The Kantill Reef has unique flora in the way of Brain - & Star Coral, Sea Fans, and Gorgonians. The fish that call this reef home are the Yellowtail Snapper, Tiger Grouper, Moray Eels, and Mantas. You may even get a glimpse of an Eagle Ray.
  • Plonco Reef is also an awesome reef to explore you will love the all of the large coral formations and Green Morays and Parrott Fish that live on this reef.
  • The Dantchi's Delight is home to fascinating Sponges, and Elkhorn Coral. The fish that love is reef are Morays, Snappers, schools of Horse Eye Jacks, and Parrott Fish.
  • The Commandeurs Reef is great for viewing Lettuce Coral formations and watching the antics of the Crabs, Lobsters and Squids.
  • The Baby Beach Reef is the best scuba diving site to see the barracuda up close and personal.
  • The Skalahein will allow you to see Blue Chromis, Angel Fish, and the Trunk Fish in their natural habitat.

You can also dive and visit three unique ship wrecks off the shores of Aruba. Besides, the Antilla you can view a Tugboat Wreck and the Pedernales Wreck. All three will enable you to explore inside these sunken ships for an adventure of a lifetime.

If you are concerned about sharks, other harmful fish, or coral and sponges that are dangerous you can talk with the dive instructor. The best rule of thumb is to not touch or disturb these fish and they will leave you alone. Use common sense when diving and you will not have any worries.

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