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Bachelor's Beach

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Bachelor's beach known by the local residents as Boca Tabla is wonderful for learning to windsurf. This is a very quiet white powdery beach with great scuba diving possibilities. But, it is best to dive with an instructor because the current can be tricky at times.

If you are wishing to learn the awesome sport of windsurfing, Bachelor's Beach is just your ticket. The shoreline is large enough for plenty of room for you to try all the moves you wish while being carried by the wind and surf. Gliding over the waves while windsurfing, will have you one with nature as you fly over the water and have freedom to explore. Beginners love the Bachelors Beach where the wind and waves are calmer and easier to learn this free styling sport.

Aruba always has the perfect climate and just the right amount of wind to enjoy windsurfing year round. The water is shallow with an offshore breeze which will aid the beginning windsurfer a great time learning to control the board and the sail.

Bachelor's beach is easy to find. You head east from San Nicholas until you come to an anchor. Turn right and go right and then turn left onto a dirt road the beach is up ahead.

This may not be a great beach for swimming, but snorkeling is spectacular on this beach. Whether you are a professional or at new at snorkeling you will love seeing all the colorful coral that covers the bottom of the sea. The marine life that live in the area will give you many hours of fun as you watch them swim and enjoy the sea the call home. Some of the exotic fish you may see include as parrot fish, octopi, peacock flounder, and gold-tail eels.

There are no restaurants or drink stands so it would be best if you brought your own. Plan your entire day and watch all of the activity above and below the sea around Bachelors Beach. You can see many tropical birds along the shore while you are resting from snorkeling or windsurfing.

Because strong winds, Bachelors beach is only attainable when the winds are from the west. These winds literally help the wave's pound against the shore with fierce strength and lounging on the beach would not be a treat at all.

If you wish to visit Bachelors Beach check with the local hotels to see if it is accessible before you journey out.

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