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Many professional windsurfers love the waters of Aruba where the surf and wind is awesome for an adventure that is like no other. Aruba has a constant 15-knot trade winds, a variety of flat-water locations, and challenging wave conditions. You control the action of the board and feel free and relaxed as you ride the waves. Beginners love the southern tip of Aruba where the wind and waves are calmer and easier to learn this sport.

Aruba has the perfect climate and just the right amount of wind to enjoy windsurfing year round, but the most popular days to enjoy windsurfing is during the months of May, June and July. These are months that the winds are blowing and the sun is shining. The sun always shines, but the winds are blowing at there best during the summer months.

Much of the water around Aruba is flat and shallow with an offshore breeze. This is great for those just learning how to windsurf or even those that are professionals. Because windsurfing, allows you to be in control of your own adventure. This is an easy sport to learn that will give you hours of adventure where you will be one with nature.

Many professional windsurfers call Aruba heaven because of their ability to explore and seek adventures on the waves that can be found in the surf around Aruba. But, there are some wonderful spots for beginners in just waist deep waters. Windsurfing in Aruba is for every windsurfer whether they are beginners or pros.

The gear that you will need to thoroughly enjoy your windsurfing experience in Aruba is Slalom and high-wind slalom gear, from 6.5 down to 4.0.

The favorite spots for windsurfing in Aruba are Fisherman's Huts, Arashi Beach Park, Surfside, Barcadera and Boca Grandi.

Several windsurfing companies also offer some other wonderful attractions along with your windsurfing such as snorkeling and diving. You can also find some that will give instructions for beginners.

The 10-day Hi-Winds Amateur World Challenge Windsurfing tournament is in June and brings windsurfers from all around the world. Everyone that loves windsurfing will be here competing. Whether you want to join in or just sit back and watch you will love your time in Aruba. For more information you can call (011) 297-860440.

Windsurfing is not just a fad that will be over quickly and is a water sport for all ages. If you have ever wanted the thrill of riding the surf and you love sailing. Then this sport is sure to make you a happy person. This is a combination of both of these sports and you can have an adventure on your own or sail with a group. This is one water sport that is versatile and as exciting as you desire. It is also a very easy sport to learn, but you should contact a professional that knows what type of water and conditions are best for the beginner.

Imagine having the crystal clear waters of Aruba under your feet and the cool Caribbean breeze at your back giving you just the right speed to explore this wonderful sea at your own speed. You can explore waters that you have never seen and enjoy the calm clear waters of Aruba.

Vela Windsurf Resorts has some great lessons and packages that will ensure you have a wonderful time while you are windsurfing in Aruba. They have beginning lessons starting at $175.00. They even have complete packages that include hotel accommodations that will give you plenty of hours to explore Aruba and to better your skills of windsurfing. For these wonderful packages you can call 800-223-5443 for more information or reservations. For information regarding windsurfing lessons or other questions you may have regarding the resort you can contact them by telephone at (800)223-5443 or (831)461-0820. You can also visit their website at

Divi Aruba also has some nice clinics for the beginner and several other packages for windsurfing around Aruba. They also offer equipment rental so you do not have to search all over for the equipment that you need to enjoy hours of windsurfing fun. For more information you can contact them by telephone at 1-800-554-2008 or visit their website at

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