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Arashi Beach

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Arashi Beach is located on the northern end of Aruba near the California Lighthouse. This is a favorite beach for those wanting to have an enjoyable and quiet time relaxing on the sand and sun bathing.

Arashi Beach is a long strip of beautiful white powdery sand and clear turquoise waters. The surf is somewhat rougher on the northern coast but is a great beach where the kids can swim and enjoy the shallow wading area. The beach is very clean with trash cans available to help keep the beach clean and refreshing. This beach is more secluded than others beaches of Aruba and quiet. The motorized water sports are not enjoyed on Arashi Beach.

The calm water, gentle currents, shallow reefs, and great visibility make them popular swimming and snorkeling sites for everyone to enjoy. You will enjoy the shallow water where swimming or snorkeling will be fun and exciting as you see the large elk horn coral, sponges, and schools of tropical and exotic fish from six to 30 feet below the water's surface.

You can lie on Arashi Beach and watch windsurfers or even join in the sport yourself for an experience of a lifetime. The billowing sails of these windsurfers are as colorful as the fish below the surface giving you a beautiful sight while you are sunbathing.

An added bonus at Arashi Beach is a snorkeling cove that is just a short walk down the beach. Many people enjoy viewing all different coral and marine life that call this area home. Life under the sea is always changing as the current changes and exotic fish swim by.

There are no drink stands or restaurants along Arashi Beach so it would be best if you brought your own picnic or water cooler filled with drinks for the day. There is shade available under tropical huts.

Enjoying your day at Arashi Beach can include a walk just off the beach where you will be fascinated with the wild life that you can see such as iguanas and whiptail lizards. You will also be able to find some very beautiful shells and pebbles that the children will love to collect. These items are wonderful for souvenirs that your children will treasure. If you stay for the entire day and watch the sunset you will view a magnificent treat. The sun setting over the Caribbean Sea from Arahsi Beach is one sight you will never be able to replace.

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