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Peer through your binoculars as the two round tubes as your bifocal field of vision slowly merges into one clear picture, and then - there it is! The black olivaceous cormorant!

This glistening feathered tropical beauty of an island avian species is the prize sighting of bird watchers all around the world. You yourself have spent your entire bird watching career looking for this amazing natural beauty, and my Lord, the moment has finally arrived!

So for now let's just disregard the fact that your entire bird watching career just began when you landed on the island three days ago, as it did for me. And don't just blurt that out like I happened to do - it has a tendency to make other birdwatchers a little, well, testy. Just quietly discover for yourself the true pleasure - and simple ease - of bird watching that in its own particular way is somewhat unique to this fabulous tropical island known as Aruba.

One of the best spots to see birds on Aruba is the Bubali Bird Sanctuary. A better location, however, is the Arikok National Park. These are really sorts of a havens for birds, due to the nutritious waterways among the other prime avian factors that are involved. In fact, there are close to a hundred unique species that migrate and live in this extremely luscious natural geographical area.

Not so into bird watching? Try your hand at other water sports such as hard core wind surfing, jet skiing, boating, scuba diving and much, much more.

Indeed, going beyond the extreme bird watching that's quite popular on Aruba, you also might want to amaze yourself and your loved ones with the extent of spectacular colored seafloor - full of tropical fish and bright coral reef - that can be covered in a single snorkeling adventure. Personally, I enjoy snorkeling as one of my favorite island activities in the Caribbean, and I've found that Aruba offers some of the best features for snorkeling that can be found in all of the tropics. This is due to the fact that the snorkeler's ability to see through the water is extremely good. Add to this feature the shallowness of the water, and there's virtually nothing that will be hidden from your view. One of the best places to dive off from into the crystal clear tropical island water is the Catalina Bay located a bit to the north of Palm Beach.

Are you a golf fan? Do you just love to play the game? Then you're in for a big treat at the Tierra del Sol located right on the north point of Aruba. It's actually a fantastic place to go golfing, and is highly recommended for anyone who loves the sport. Why? The reason is that there are eighteen holes of splendor, exceptional ocean and landscape views - it's a golf course to behold. The lesser known Aruba Golf Club is only nine holes and it's no match for the Tierra del Sol. But you might be able to beat the crowd here, especially if you're doing this on the fly.

If you're into tearing it up at sea with the jet ski option, then the best place to go is Palm Beach. That's because you are sure to find renters here willing to hook you up for a day or two.

And what's a tropical island vacation in the spectacular Caribbean Sea without a world class scuba diving experience. The departure point at Palm Beach is as good as any, as you can easily find an instructor or rental place here that will supply you with everything you need to go out into the depths. And what depths! Here, the water is full of fascinating life and colorful plankton, coral, exotic fish and eels - even an amazing and mysterious shipwreck that divers here just love to head out to.

And once you towel off, you might just be interested in what the beautiful island of Aruba offers in terms of landed activities. Do you love to hike? Aruba offers a few of the most spectacular trails in the Caribbean. Specifically, the Arikok National Park is one of the choicest hiking locations on the island. It's full of interesting things to do (caves, goldmines) as well as breathtaking vistas of the windswept ocean. A lesser known spot for the more extreme hiker can be found anywhere around the northern end of the island. Here you can edge up to sand dunes and skirt alongside dramatic cliff edges - bring a partner.

Additionally, Aruba offers paintball, horseback riding, fishing, kayaking, sailing and more. There's never a limit to how much you can do here!

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