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An adventure awaits you in Aruba as you take your horse and ride through the countryside. All of nature will be at your fingertips as you experience all that nature has to offer.

There are many different kinds of horseback riding tours available on the island of Aruba where you can enjoy all of the natural wonders and flora that Aruba has to offer. You can ride through the Aruban countryside to visit the Alto Vista Chapel and then off to the bay where you will love basking on the white sandy beach. On your trip you will enjoy watching the donkeys, parakeets, and lizards that live in this area. Be sure to take your camera, you will not want to miss getting that photo a rare animal that is only on the island of Aruba.

What about riding horseback along the beach of Malmok and then a nice refreshing dip into the sea to explore the bottom of the ocean by snorkeling? Enjoying The Caribbean sand and surf while on horseback is an adventure to remember.

You will feel like the first explorers to the island of Aruba as you set off on your horse to visit all the beaches that once were conquered by the Dutch, where pirates were fought off and where the Arawak Indians caught their fish. As you travel around Aruba on your chosen horse you will absolutely love visiting the many caves that are scattered throughout Aruba.

Trot beside the Tierra Del Sol golf course, gallop over the sand dunes, walk along the beach or visit the California Lighthouse. The Northwest Coast of Aruba has many wonderful sights to see on horseback. Enjoy a tour from 2 to 5 hours will have you wanting to explore more of Aruba.

After you have finished touring the Northwest Coast, saddle up your horse and head to the rough side of Aruba. By rough, we mean in the rugged countryside. The waves crashing into the rocky shore along the Southern Coast of Aruba make for a wonderful and exciting horseback riding experience. You can visit the bay area of San Nicholas and the Natural Bridge. The waves coming into the white sand beach under the arch of the bridge is as breath-taking as you can imagine.

On horseback the Arikok National Park will be more exciting to see. You will love horseback riding in this unique area of Aruba. Begin with the hilly side of Arikok National Park and you will be engulfed in all the beautiful flora and trees around Aruba. An occasion wild donkey or goat may cross your path in this untouched area of Aruba. This preserve is home to many species of plants and animals that will be fascinating to see while on horseback. After you reach the summit you can then travel down to the crashing waves and visit the Natural Pool. Take a break, let our horse rest and then you are off again.

For a real adventure on your horseback trip, ride to the center of Aruba and up the Haystack or Hooiberg. This is a 541 foot volcanic formation. The locals call this unique formation the Haystack.

All around the Haystack the flora is yellow which depicts its local name. You will also many varieties of cactus and the divi-divi tree. After you reach the summit you will be amazed at the view where you can on clear days see all of Aruba and even Venezuela.

You can enjoy horseback tours all over Aruba that will take you away from the crowd and off on an adventure that you choose. You can choose your own tour from several tour guides and ranches that offer horseback riding. Many of them will let you choose the package and even give you the chance to choose your destinations.

Rancho Notorious has several wonderful tours available that will enable you to see all of Aruba like never before. They also have different packages that will ensure that you see all that there is to see. You can find out more information on them by visiting them at

Campo Del Rancho also has some very unique horseback riding tours that the entire family will enjoy. You can choose from several different scenic tours and times. Even make your tour! You can find out more about what they have to offer and what is included in their tours by visiting their website at

Horseback riding has never been so adventurous or calm, according to where you wish to ride, as you can experience in Aruba.

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