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The Northwest Coast

Aruba Attractions

The Northwest Coast is truly a playground filled with more things to see and do than anyone could possibility dream of. Packed with everything from guided tours, water sports, fine foods, site seeing, sandy beaches, fishing, casinos and a great nightlife. No wonder its one of the most remembered vacations in the world.

You can kick start your fun by exploring Aruba by land enjoying the desert and its native wildlife. The landscape is filled with hidden coves, brilliant blue lagoons and jagged rocky desserts with cactus. It may be best to take a taxi for your outdoor adventure but many like to strike out on their own in a 4x4 vehicle to explore Aruba's interior. Keep your eye sharp as the sights are mainly still marked with hand painted signs or you might miss your turn. Pack your lunch for this expedition because there a few places to eat when you are outside the strip.

Filled with fun for anyone Aruba Northwest Coast offers many attractions that everyone will enjoy. The list of attractions in Aruba's Northwest Coast is very extensive and may take your entire vacation to explore all of your possibilities.

The Butterfly Farm is a great place to see these beautiful insects in a tropical garden. They have species from all over the world for you to enjoy. You can get a glimpse with a virtual tour at their website

For bird watchers, the Bubali Bird Sanctuary is heaven on earth with all the various birds that call this sanctuary home. You will be able to see birds that are rare and as beautiful as you can imagine while visiting.

The Old Dutch Windmill is an exquisite site to see. It is now the home of a famous restaurant, but the history of this windmill is filled with enchantment. It was originally built in 1804 in the Netherlands. It was torn down and shipped to Aruba as a gift from the Queen of Holland. This unique eating establishment has wonderful cuisine from Holland that you will love while visiting this historical landmark.

Santa Anna Church is a beautiful sight to see. This magnificent church was built in 1776 and has been renovated throughout the years to preserve its beauty. The stained glass windows themselves were created in 1932. The altar was a gift that was donated to Aruba and in 1870 in Rome won the religious art exhibition award.

The California Lighthouse was named after the California the only ship that received the distress signals from the Titantic, but was too far away to give aid in time. This famous ship's wreckage can still be explored off the North Coast of Aruba. Many scuba divers love to explore the sunken ship that sank in 15 to 30 feet deep water. You can view an awesome photo of this lighthouse at

There are so many other sights to see on the Aruba's Northwest Coast, including Alto Vista Chapel, Bushiribana Ruins, Natural Bridge, Natural Pool, the Antilla, the Ayo Rock Formations and the Casibari Rock Formations all with their own story to tell. You can talk with local residents and they will be more than excited to tell you all the local stories associated with the rock formations that are a big part of Aruba's history. Aruba's Northwest Coast is also home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Many of this beaches offer swimming, windsurfing, and other water sports. The beaches include Palm Beach which is excellent for swimming and has refreshment available at the Kokoa Beach Bar. The bar's website is For water sports activity information you can call Unique Sports of Aruba at (297) 5860096 or visit their website at

The Hadikurari Beach better known as Fisherman's Huts is the best place for windsurfing. For more information on equipment rental for windsurfing you can email The water on this beach is shallow and is wonderful for families with small children. There are other beaches along Aruba's Northwest Coast that you will also enjoy they are Punta Brabo (which is also known as Manchebo Beach), Eagle Beach, Arashi Beach, Malmok Beach, Boca Catalina, and Druif Beach. There is a resort and spa located on Manchebo Beach that will have you wanting to stay longer than your vacation will allow. To find out more you can visit their website at All of the beaches have various water sports available that will please everyone in your family.

There are also several unique and exquisite casinos along the Northwest Coast that offer many amenities that you have to see. You may even walk away with a jackpot!

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