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Fill your palate with the most sensitive and sensuous combination of flavors in fine Island seafood cuisine that's bound to make your taste buds jump up and down for joy. We've finally found a place that is truly as delicious as it is super classy.

Have you ever been to one of those fetish restaurants that serve the same seasoning or sauce on everything in excessive abundance? Whether it's all orange, all garlic - even all chocolate, I have had my fill of these themes. With such trendy diners popping up all over the world, it seems that the feature of the cuisine that is more important than the food is the sauce - or the seasoning - and in the process something has been lost.

But enough of the sad eulogy to fine cuisine - I've at last found a classy place that actually takes care of the food (and it's customers don't do to badly here either) by taking the time to season their dishes to perfection - not just over-saturation. It's called the Ventanas del Mar, and, not surprisingly, it's to be found on the quaint vacationer destination Island of Aruba. Here, where happy tourists and island adventurers like you flock from all over the world, a trace of worldliness seems to have come along with the crowds.

The Exquisite Ventanas del Mar Seafood Menu

Come to the epicenter of sumptuousness when you peruse the grand selection of seafood and fine delicious cuisine from around the world at Ventanas del Mar (in English, Windows of the Sea). In the appetizer section, you may be overjoyed to find that your favorite cakes of crab are offered. Begin with this, and then move on to the juicy tuna dish as a main course. It's been grilled to perfection under the caring supervision of a world class chef and slathered with one of the most exceptional sauces that can be had. Indeed, it's more of a chutney-style concoction than it is a sauce, prepared with diced tomatoes and the fresh island mangos that - it's okay to admit it, these were your main reason for coming to the tropics in the first place.

The Fabulous Ventanas del Mar Location

Here, not only does your palate feast on the sumptuous array of seafood and international delights, but so do your eyes take in a banquet of visual display.

It's the ceilings which are raised so incredibly high that make it possible for huge bay windows to grasp you and turn your head toward the blazing sunset turning the many-featured landscape into colors that any expert painter would be hard-pressed to reproduce.

Your enraptured gaze will extend from the pristine cactus garden that carries into the expansive lengths of the world-class course for playing golf that is located at resort complex. It's incredible.

Find the Ventanas del Mar in the country club resort complex known commonly around the island as Tierra del Sol (Land of the Sun, in English). It's highly advisable that you make your reservations in advance by dialing (297) 586-0879.

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