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It was 9 o'clock as the sea bass came to our table. Steaming, and drizzled with a mango and chutney sauce, I sunk my teeth into the tender flesh, and the internal smile of my soul began to glow…

Looking for the coolest ambience and the tastiest food? Wondering about the ins and outs of dining on the beautiful Island of Aruba? Then worry not, fellow traveler, because the beauty of Caribbean dining has essentially reached an apex here on this unforgettable tropical island - with Latin Cuisine influence funded by a world-class tourism industry, the former Dutch Colony Aruba Island is second to none in the level of food quality and professionalism of service that can be found all over this island region.

Dining in Aruba is internationally accepted to be one of the most pleasant experiences imaginable. It's a well known fact that happy Aruba island vacationers just like you are hooked on this international tourist destination due to the incredible climate and spirit of everlasting fun that seems to float through the air on the trade winds while you delight in delicious appetizers, incredible main courses and unbelievable desserts.

Indeed, not only are you graced with the warm Ocean breezes calmly caressing your face as you seat yourself for lunch with the family on a bright noon time patio, but you can also take in the beautiful and rich Latin culture everywhere. Dine in the top notch style that you deserve, whether you are a worldly globe trotter or a first time vacationer. Ah, just listen the swishing sound of the heavenly Caribbean waves that provide a perfect background to the cool jazz being played at your extremely romantic dinner served for two… the truth be told; Aruba is a big number one on my list of international "where-to-eat-next" destinations.

But how does one really go about making the most of the incredible selection of food offered on this beautiful tropical island? Indeed, it should be mentioned that the selection of places to eat here on Aruba is incredible. The sheer number of restaurants exceeds that of most other Caribbean vacation destinations.

One of the first things that you will probably want to know is how much to tip. Well, the going rate here for gratuity is just a little less than in the United States. After a good meal with decent service, it is normal to tip between 10% and 15% of the total bill.

Also, a second question that comes up regarding the dining culture on Aruba is this: what should I look for in the food? The one word answer is simple - seafood - but would not be telling the entire story. That's because there is a great selection of steak that is done in both the North American and South American styles, as well as a long list of delectable vegetarian dishes available to persons of the non-meat persuasion. There's even Italian food, as you'll see shortly, which is a testament to the extreme multiculturalism that is to be found on this tropical island.

Another important item to consider is the specific recommended selection of dining locales available to the eager Aruba Island vacationer like you. To make it simple, we've compiled a stellar list of restaurants that we highly recommend. Study it carefully:

The best place to eat Italian food is the Hostaria da' Vittorio. The Chef here - Vittorio - is an amazing cook making a daring and advantageous move by penetrating a restaurant demographic that has very little exposure to Italian cuisine. He's one of a kind here, and yet he still excels. Come to the Hostaria to experience the best cooked Italian seafood you've likely had in a long time.

Looking for great French food? Then another well reputed Aruba eating destination is the L'Escale restaurant to be found serving the freshest salads on the island with shrimp and avocado as well as curry and mushroom chicken. The French Steakhouse is another great French restaurant that actually specializes in the Argentinean beef specialty; Churrasco, is also a spectacular option for those seeking interesting - and successful - cultural blends in their dining locales.

For the lovers of juicy Angus beef, don't hesitate to step right on over the Sunset Grille. It's one of the best gourmet beef joints on the Island. On the other end of the spectrum, Pago Pago serves up an incredible Asian fusion so that you may find that your seafood is seasoned with the best spices of the South East.

Lastly on our list of the best is the place known as Ventanas del Mar. It's unbelievable.

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