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The French Steakhouse

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Come in here for a zesty flame grilled steak, or sink your teeth into the deliciousness of churrasco (sumptuous juicy beef from the nation of Argentina) But that's only if you want to go even further and take the next step into delectable French-Latin cuisine. It's the best done on the island, and lures you in to be presented with a myriad of other French and continental dishes as well as seafood specialties served all the time.

Truth be told, it's the South Americans - especially the good people from Argentina - who just can't get enough meat in their diet. Indeed, it is a robust population that savors delicious and hearty cooking as one of their core cultural values alongside strong family and good health. So when you apply that attitude to the guiding philosophy of this restaurant on the Latin American tourist destination Island of Aruba, just off the coast of Venezuela, you are bound to come up with some of the best grilled steaks and specialties that are to be had on the entire island.

Experience the Inviting French Steakhouse Menu

The French Steakhouse is branded as a restaurant serving a complete range of international cuisine that features steak as well as it does seafood. The emphasis, however, is on creating the best churrasco dish in town - and even on the entire beautiful Island of Aruba. And certainly it is beyond doubt that the cooks here far exceed their goal; come to the French Steakhouse for the supplest, the juiciest and the most savory thick churrasco that you can possibly experience in all of Aruba.

But to stave off the mounting desire before this hearty Argentinean steak delicacy is brought to your table, then it would come on the best advice to delve into an unforgettable cocktail of shrimp for the starting dish here. And for those who just can't get enough seafood, the kitchen is well prepared to have you bypass the churrasco altogether and dive straight into the formidable and incredibly delicious platter of seafood.

The Authentic and Regal Trappings of The French Steakhouse

In terms of the exquisite and authentic décor that characterizes The French Steakhouse, it really doesn't get more French than this, and thus provides a supremely cozy environment in which you'll surely be able to enjoy the food. Indeed, it was my first sensation upon entering The French Steakhouse that I was actually back on the Riviera. Mmm, it was as if the smells of fine cooking and the warm summer ambience that permeated everything back then were bundled up and saved throughout the decades, only to be presented to me in a carefully wrapped package that was handed to me at the doorway to The French Steakhouse. Here, on the beautiful Island of Aruba, the charm of the old country came right up to me. You'll feel it to, even if you haven't been back to France. Really, the magic comes from the painting-by-hand to be found on the mosaic walls, and the country style blinds on the windows. Even the metal work on the chairs is impressive as you take a seat to your delicious meal.

Come to The French Steakhouse for dinner. It's located at J. E. Irausquin Blvd. 55 and recommends that you make advises in advance by calling (297) 582-3444.

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