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Come to the Sunset Grille on the beautiful island of Aruba, and experience fine dining that is not outdone by the impressive architectural finery of this exquisitely built restaurant. Once you see the Sunset Grille, you'll understand why this is quite an amazing feat. The delicious array of seafood is unbelievable and it culminates in an amazing sushi serving that is to die for.

The Fine Caribbean Cuisine

Fortunately for the inquisitive diner, the main course items at the Sunset Grille are actually displayed in a glass, refrigerated cooler very near to the grand entrance. This makes it easy to see the sumptuous dishes first hand, before they are served to you steaming hot and delicious. The top culinary attractions here consist of the Angus-style beef special that is one of the most sought after and famous meals on the island of Aruba.

Another specialty is the seafood, although given the nature of one of Aruba's foremost industries, there is a lot more seafood to select from here than there is steak. This is the reason that the dishes available to the happy and eager Sunset Grill diner like you include lobster and crab that practically burst with succulence. Another amazing seafood appetizer that is highly recommendable here is the shrimp that comes iced. Cool, delicious and - as it should be - fresh, it is the shrimp as well as the mussels that are my personal favorites. Also, the sushi here is not half bad. In fact, many fans proclaim it to be exceptional - you make the call. The scallops at Sunset Grille are also said to be top notch; I was quite impressed by the flavor and tenderness that they exhibit. But if you could make one truly unforgivable faux pas on this memorable night out at the Sunset Grille, this would be to overlook the sauce made from mangos that is drizzled over the legs of crab. It's unbelievable, and that's all there is to say about it.

For the red meat aficionados among us, the Angus here is done right, no matter how well-done it is. That's because you can just as easily sink your teeth into the strip of sirloin prepared in the New York style as you can delight in the unbelievably flavorful filet of mignon. It's exceptional.

Sunset Grille's Architectural Splendor

While it is the great view terrace that pulls in fantastic reviews across the island - and throughout the world as well - the truth is that the interior banquet hall is one of the most luxurious and stunning that I have experienced in the entire Caribbean. It's hard to say what really puts it over the edge. Is it the tiled columns that catch light from the interior lit blue-colored glass dividers? Or is it these dividers themselves that add a touch of other-worldliness to the place? I think, however, that I would go with ascribing the decorative genius to the more essential design savvy that the makers have incorporated into the Sunset Grill - surfaces of copper that have been hand-hammered by expert craftsmen. Perfect.

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