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The quality of the interior light here at Pago Pago is dim, and the mood is supple luxury. The minute you walk in and are escorted to your seat by the considerate host, you know that you are about to experience something special.

That's because everybody who comes to dine at this incredibly deluxe island restaurant knows that they would be foolish not to expect the best. It's only on the Caribbean Island of Aruba that you'll find such a stylish restaurant with samplings of South East Asia both in the food as well as the furnishings. That is to say, it's the only place that really does it right. While many attempt to beautify their eateries with world-influenced tropical delicacies and décor, we have finally settled on the place that fully captures the essence of the intention. Come eat at Pago Pago; you're in for a treat.

The Sumptuous Pago Pago Menu

Being overly impressed as your waiter or waitress carries out the appetizer is often considered to be a faux pas in the more stuffy venues for fine dining that are found around the world. But here at Pago Pago on the unforgettable Aruba island, it is practically impossible not to express some sort of exaltation as an incredible starter of sliced bananas (commonly known here as plantains - the tropical non-sweet-but-delicious bananas made for cooking) is brought to your table. Slice into chip-shaped portions that extend to half a foot, this exquisite tropical island starter is found to be one of the most enjoyable on the menu here at Pago Pago. This is not only due to the unique plantains taste, but because of the to-die-for sauce that is drizzled generously all over it. The recipe's a secret - don't ask! - but the flavor smacks of ginger, orange and, oh yes, that's honey alright. Mmmm.

And just imagine; this is only the initial course. So after the table's cleared, it's time to move on to the next big Pago Pago recommendation. Above all, first time diners here should not miss out on the cocktail made from shrimp in the tropical style. It's juicy, fresh, and includes mysterious flavors that light up the palate in an incredibly sensual way. On top of this, the sauce is made from finely cut mangos, adding a sweet Caribbean flavor to the dish. Indeed, you'll not regret the experience. Also on the menu here are the unbelievable rolls - in the spring roll style - made from lobster. But if seafood really isn't what you came here to Pago Pago for, then try out the sumptuous roast of pork. Cooked two times, the secret is, once again, in the sauce. That's because visitors to Pago Pago continue to rave about the flavors that they claim are sweet like honey and also citrus influenced such as lemon or lime. It's delicious.

The Pago Pago Mood

The ambience here is undeniably a cut above. Indeed, it wouldn't be remiss to wear a tie. There are a few levels even and the openness of the place is geared up with acoustics allows the stand up jazz band to softly harmonize with the latent elegance permeating everything here at Pago Pago. The experience is worth remembering as that truly classy restaurant you visited on Aruba.

It would be a good idea for you to make reservations in advance. To do so, call Pago Pago at (297) 586-4466. The restaurant is located at J. E. Irausquin Blvd. 77.

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