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What's the last menu item that you would expect to be presented with on the luscious tropical region of the Aruba Island. You guessed it, Italian food. But just to satisfy your cravings for the alternative version of Latin cuisine, we thought you might like to know about the exceptional Hostaria da' Vittorio.

Finally - the moment we fine food lovers have all been waiting for - there is a delicious Italian eatery to be enjoyed by all who visit the Island of Aruba. Now, in a locale that was previously offered nothing like Italian food, happy Caribbean vacationers like you will be able to visit an exquisite trattoria and delve into the sumptuousness of fine Italian cuisine dashed with a prominent menu item in these parts; fresh seafood.

The Savory Hostaria da' Vittorio Menu

Enter a whirlwind of exceptional Italian food. Actually, it's a cuisine style that's fairly unique on the island of Aruba, but the food isn't great here only because it's virtually the only place to get it. In fact, I would more likely tend to think that the chefs' talent lies in the exquisite fusion of Caribbean seafood with old-world Italian flavor and spice. Sink your teeth into the branzino al sale thick-salted sea bass - for example, and you'll get a taste of what I'm talking about. Or perhaps try the sole of Dover variety that comes pan-cooked to perfection in a delicious butter and citrus sauce. For those oriented towards more traditional Italian cuisine, I would recommend the gnocchi - you just can't go wrong.

Top it all off with a bottle of vintage white wine, and you've got a meal that's envied even in the old country.

The Unforgettable Hostaria da' Vittorio Locale

Come here to be amazed as the sunset lighting and the rich smells take you right back to the old country. It's a place you can take the whole family out to and spend a fun-filled lunch hour or a classy night out at. Indeed, this up and coming Italian fine dining location on the exceptional Palm Beach of Aruba Island is sufficiently impressive, especially given the affordable prices of the menu items.

It's the quite new and quite well-decorated location of the already-popular Hostaria da' Vittorio that makes it great - right across the way from the Hyatt Regency Hotel, The Hostaria da' Vittorio boasts restaurant design which features a classic sense of style that has been artfully infused with cheerful Caribbean flare. That's how you get to see the bright color scheme providing a back drop to door way passages shaped in the arched style of the Mediterranean. In addition, the kitchen that is present and visible to all of the diners is intelligently highlighted with pots made from copper - an international symbol that these cooks really do know what they are doing (even if they might only happen use the pots for preparing the soufflé).

Visit the wonderful Hostaria da' Vittorio Italian restaurant any day of the week for lunch or dinner. It's highly advisable to call in your reservations ahead of time. The telephone number that they can be reached at is (297) 586-3838. Enjoy…and grazie!

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