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Chez Mathilde

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It's an incredible sight to behold, the stylish checkered floors, the decadent design, the exceptional service and above all the unbelievably sumptuous food. After all this you may be surprised to learn that my favorite aspect of Chez Mathilde is actually the location!

So do you have reason to celebrate? You'd better, because I know a perfect restaurant for you to dine at, and enjoy a lavish modern setting for and exquisite fine dining experience. As you may have guessed, it's called Chez Mathilde and is one of the finest restaurants around on the island of Aruba. But it's not just the top-notch class of the place, it's the theme that competes with - and in my view wins over - countless other locales on the island and around the world.

The Chez Mathilde Appeal

In Paris, they have complained for years of not having a beach to complement the magic of that city. Now they have one (it's a makeshift sandlot to the side of the river). But there's something that is still missing there that would make Paris perfect. What is it? It's that old time café feel - indeed, it is part of what put the city on the map in the early 20th century, and unfortunately the atmosphere just hasn't been the same since then. So until they figure this out - how to get the place back into gear - I'd say that romantic vacationers like you would have much better luck skipping France altogether and heading straight to the tropics.

That's right, and you know why? There's a great French restaurant in Oranjesad, on the beautiful Caribbean island of Aruba. It's an ancient building (1800's, French architecture) decked out to the max with the elaborate stain glass window in the room to the front and the ceiling made from glass. Even the furniture has fine stitch work done to it, making the overall ambience here as comfortable as it is luxurious.

Sumptuous Selection on the Chez Mathilde Menu

It's all about French cuisine at this gourmet fine dining restaurant, and you won't regret the experience. For starters, you just can't do without the extra thin prosciutto cuts that come served with glazed potato slices. To really live it up, just delve straight into the caviar. And although it's more exotic than many other plates, my personal favorite from the menu here at Chez Mathilde would have to be the five-spice fillet of ostrich. Also, you might want to try the hen that is braised to perfection in the red wine preparation.

And for dessert, the soufflé is obligatory. That's because it comes in either the Grand Marnier version or the irresistible chocolate. Mmmm, delicious.

Central Location at Chez Mathilde

When on Aruba Island, it is common knowledge that the Bay view is one of the best views. And this is evidently what the architects of the Chez Mathilde building - ancient, mysterious and quaint all wrapped into one - must have been thinking when they built this beautiful structure in the hopping bay town of Oranjesad during the century before last. It's a great spot to dine in, and the sunset views are exceptional.

Find the Chez Mathilde restaurant located at Havenstraat 23 in the down town area. If you are wise, you will make reservations in advance by calling (297) 583-4968.

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