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Get in on the exciting life of a deep sea fisherman and bring home your own catch of the day. The day begins at the crack of dawn and out on the open sea you sail. Nets are not used by these local fishermen because the wind and current is too strong. It takes skill and strength to bring in a true 300 pound catch.

Well, you may not wish to go with these local fishermen, they have been perfecting their skills their entire lives and know exactly what it takes to bring in the largest catch. But, you can find several charter companies and tours that will enjoy the exciting that these fishermen have every day of their lives. The only difference is that they fish for usually 12 hours and bring home a catch to sell. If you do not catch your dream catch, you may find one to purchase from a local fisherman when they return from their fishing excursion. Many of these fishermen sell their catch on the docks where vacationers and restaurant owners can choose their favorites.

You can choose from different deep sea fishing adventures offered by several different companies on Aruba. Most have day or full day trips where you will enjoy the sea and the excitement of catching some of the largest fish around the world. You may be surprised when you reel in a Sailfish, a white or blue marlin, a wahoo, a shark, a barracuda, a amberjack, a kingfish, a bonito, or a black or a yellow fin tuna. What a catch that would be.

Many restaurants will even cook your fish if you desire. Some charters boats do share the fish that are caught and if you do not wish to keep your fish they are sometimes given to the deck hands.

This is one adventure on the open sea that will give you more than just a day in the sun. You will be out on the open sea and see many wonderful fish and feel the waves and current under you. As you are struggling to reel in that "big one" you will feel the power of the sea and the strength of the fish. This is one sport that will not leave you feeling that you did not accomplish a great feat.

Wouldn't it be great to bring home a sailfish or even a shark to mount on your wall from your deep sea fishing adventure in Aruba? You will always have a story to tell to your children, grandchildren and all the guys about how the "big one" did not get away and you have the proof.

Finding deep sea fishing charters is not hard at all while visiting Aruba. You will find that they will cater to what type of fish you wish to catch and how long you desire to be out on the sea.

Deep sea fishing can be done year round in Aruba because the weather is always nice. And the varieties of fish that call the waters around Aruba home are always plentiful. So, anytime of the year is wonderful for an adventure in deep sea fishing. You can plan your entire trip around deep sea fishing and charter boats every day of your vacation. You can enjoy deep sea fishing for day and then spend the rest of the day exploring the other attractions that Aruba has to offer. Some of the charter companies also offer other packages along with deep sea fishing such as snorkeling and scuba diving. Plan an entire day to be out on the waters around Aruba, you will love the adventure.

Teaser Charters have some wonderful deep sea fishing trips for either 4 hour or 8 hours. Their 4 hour trip is from 8am until noon or from 1pm until 5pm. This trip includes the fishing rig, bait and drinks. The 8 hour trip begins at 8am until 4pm. They include the fishing rig, bait, a sandwich for lunch, snacks such as fruit and drinks. Fro more information on what Teaser Charters have to offer in your deep sea fishing adventure you can contact them at 011-297-582-5088, or visit their website at

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