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Your answer is simple, anytime! Aruba is one of the hottest travel getaways and it is perfect any time of the year for a warm tropical vacation. This dazzling fun spot is always filled with warm temperatures that tend to hang around in the low 80's all year long. So if you're like so many people who need a break from the cold you can hop a flight and soak up the sun in Aruba.

Its carnival time in Aruba in January and February the island is filled with parties, parades and festivals. So this is a great time to see some of the real native customs and events. There are children parades and some wonderful musical competitions. You will love joining in some of the parties and dancing. So, if you are looking for a fast paced party visit Aruba in January February and March.

Aruba offers a slower pace in the months of April through September, if you like a more secluded and less populated visit. It's the perfect time to relax and enjoy this tropical wonderland and great for couple who want some quality alone time in this romantic setting. No matter, what time of year you select to visit Aruba you will find yourself landing on a vacation of excitement and joy.

Now, Aruba's peek tourist season runs between December through April. You can expect to pay the higher rates for hotel accommodations and travel fares. This is the time of year when many people in the United States choose to visit to enjoy a break from the cold and a lot of people like to celebrate a tropical Christmas.

November and December is considered to be the rainy season but even during these months the average rain only measures around 4.1 inches and the light passing showers are really just a refreshing pleasure to most. Hurricane season for Aruba runs from July-October but based on history and an opinion of all the tropical islands Aruba has a very low expectancy for hurricanes. Most will say don't let this be a factor in your vacation time planning.

Aruba celebrates many holidays you might want to plan your visit around. Christmas or New Year's can be loads of fun in Aruba. If you're lucky enough to arrive in June you can catch the Pro-Am windsurfing competitions which are always a fun event to watch. Aruba closes April out with the Summer Jam party filled with jazz bands and a fun carnival. Any time is Aruba time when you are looking for some exciting vacation getaway fun.

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