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What to Take & Packing Tips

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Aruba is a great tropical paradise with sunshine and temperatures that are in the eighties year round. The first thing that you should not forget is sunscreen. The sun south of the equator is not the same as the sun that we get in America. The sun is more intense and getting a severe sunburn will not be something you want as the highlight of your vacation.

If you have prescription medication that you must bring with you to Aruba, do not check your medication, carry them with you. Keep all of your medications in their original bottle to avoid any confusion. Carry a few extra days worth of medication in case of any unforeseen delays.

If you are taking any glass bottles, such as perfume or cologne, it is best to seal them in a zippered bag. This will protect any other items that are in your suitcase from the danger of leaking or broken bottles.

You will need to bring your passport, birth certificate and driver's license. It is best to make a copy of each of these and keep them in separate locations. After you arrive in Aruba you should place the original documents in a safety deposit box at your hotel.

Make sure that if you plan on communicating while you are traveling to Aruba, that you plan to have prepaid phones at your disposal to make reservations, tour plans and call home.

As for clothing, since the temperature is summer like year round you will want to bring clothing that is appropriate for this time of year. Be sure that you bring enough outfits for the days that you will be in Aruba. If you leaving during the winter and it is cold where you are departing from then you should also bring an outfit that you can wear home.

The items you should carry with you and not store are your passports and documents, keys for luggage, car and your house keys, any cash, travelers checks or credit cards. If you must take jewelry always carry it with you, and any other personal items you may need before you land. Also, always carry your prescriptions with you at all times.

During the day you will need clothing such as shorts, t-shirts, bathing suits, and I would suggest that you bring at least one large towel per person. For evening wear you may want to bring sundresses, or slacks. According to what type of restaurant you wish to visit. You may want to bring one or two fancier outfits for dining out. There is no need for extra fancy clothing or suits. You should bring comfortable shoes such as sandals for the beach, tennis shoes for walking around and even a pair of dressier shoes for that fancy night out on the town.

According to what activities you are planning on enjoying you may want to bring a pair of jeans in case you go horse back riding or hiking. A hat is a great idea to keep the sun from bearing down on you while you are enjoying the Caribbean sun.

Now, to pack all of these items and make them fit without having to carrying so much luggage, use the roll method for your clothing. You can roll up each clothing item and then put other items in between in the zippered bags. Use every space instead your suitcase. Place small items such as bras panties, bathing suits in between where ever they will fit. Place any socks or other small items inside your shoes.

In your cosmetic bag include items such as facial cleanser, astringent and moisturizer, any makeup and remover, tweezers, cotton balls, shaver, razor, bar soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, dental floss, shampoo, conditioner, any other hair products, hair tie and or clips, suntan lotion and sunscreen, deodorant, sunglasses, sewing kit, small first aid kit with band aids, aspirin, diarrhea remedy, menstrual products, and birth control products.

Do not forget to take your camera. It is best if you purchase your film after you arrive in Aruba because the new bomb detectors at the airports can ruin your film. After you take your photos try to get them developed before your return home also to protect them from being destroyed.

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