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There are not too many places where you know what to expect the weather to be like tomorrow except in Aruba. Day-in and day-out the temperatures averages around pleasant 82 degrees all year long. Because of its geographical location and trade winds Aruba offers consistent temperatures both day and night. Usually the evening lows hover in the mid 70's and day time high's in the mid 80's. And to top off these near perfect temperatures there is always a trade wind that blows gently across the island most every day that averages around 15 Knots.

The island of Aruba is about 70 square miles of the Antilles and just around 20 miles from Venezuela. Aruba is approximately six miles wide and 20 miles long. The climate tends to be mostly dry with and average humidity staying around 60%.

Relatively, hurricane free unlike most Caribbean islands Aruba is unique in the fact that it is located just out side what is called the "hurricane belt". This means that based on its location it does not sit in the seasonal path where hurricanes usually form and travel. So, even if you select to visit Aruba during hurricane season, hurricanes for Aruba are not a big concern. Granted no one can tell what Mother Nature will do but based on hurricane patterns, trade winds, and history you can rest easy in Aruba. You can get the current conditions for Aruba now at

Now, the rainy season brings refreshing misty showers that come and go like the wind. Usually vacationers enjoy these light gentle rains that often feel so refreshing when you're out lying on the beach. Aruba's actual rainy season is considered to be November December.

Annual Rainfall Averages for Aruba

January Rain Averages 2.2
February Rain Averages 1.0
March Rain Averages .7
April Rain Averages .9
May Rain Averages .8
June Rain Averages 1.0

July Rain Averages 1.4
August Rain Averages 1.3
September Rain Averages 1.2
October Rain Averages 3.9
November Rain Averages 4.6
December Rain Averages 4.0

As you can see even in the rainy season 4.0 inches of rain spread out over a month won't dampen anyone's vacation fun. Here are some great links you might want to visit to learn more about Aruba's weather and climate. This link offers a more in-depth look at their current weather and a lot of facts about Aruba's past weather history and trip planning. You may also look at

If you are planning at trip to Aruba you can smile - the weather is fine.

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