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Entry Requirements & Customs

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When planning for a trip to Aruba there are many things you may want to plan for in advance so you make your travel easy and fun. Here are some facts about entry requirements and what to expect passing through customs when you arrive in Aruba. The guidelines are not the same for everyone so depending on where you will be arriving from they will require different types of identification and documents.

When you pass through customs in Aruba anyone is allowed to carry in up too 2.5 packs of cigarettes or 50 cigars. They allow for up to 250 grams of other types of tobacco such as chewing tobacco and up to one fifth of alcohol and of course your personal items. For other questions you may call the Tourism Authority of Aruba US office at 201-330-0800 and for out side the US Call 1-800-862-7822.

For citizens of the United States and Canadian traveling to Aruba it is not required to have a passport. For US citizens born in the United States you may use your original birth certificate with the notarized seal and a state driver license or state ID. Please note birth certificates issued from hospitals and churches will not be accepted for entering Aruba.

United States citizens born out side of the United States must provide a certificate of naturalization and a state driver's license or ID. Non citizens must also provide an Alien Registration Card and Social Security Cards. Voter's cards will not be accepted.

Native Canadians may use the miniature birth certificate, baptismal certificate or miniature proof of citizenship. For citizens who are not native to Canada you will need a national passport stamped or the Certificate of Identity.

Some other important things you need to know about departing from Aruba customs. You must have your round trip airline ticket showing the proof of your departure date or they will not allow you to board your returning flight.

Upon returning to the United States you will be required to declare all items that you have brought back with you from your trip. If you are of legal age you may bring in up to $200.00 with out any extra taxes or fees that allow for 2.5 packs of cigarettes or 10 cigars, 4 fl. oz. alcoholic beverages. This is just a brief over view for US customs and I suggest you contact your local airlines to get more information or you can call United State Customs at 201-927-5580.

For more information about Aruba requirements and customs you may also call Foreign Affairs in Aruba at: 011-297-834705 fax: 011-297-838108

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