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Iguana Joe's

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Stare into the eyes of the iguana. He's talking to you. Drink the magic potion and welcome, wholeheartedly, the intoxication that is coming your way…

Looking for something different? Then try going out to drink at Iguana Joe's, where there's so much fantastic selection that you are never exactly sure what you're going to be lucky enough to drink next. It's a place for specialty drinks, and I assure you that by the time you stumble out of Iguana Joe's, you'll be feeling special. So what's really up with all of the wide variety of colorful concoctions that you can find here at this delectably intoxicating specialty cocktail bar?

Well, the more descriptive one's in our entourage took to likening this exotic drinking experience to licking the back of various Amazonian reptiles in the pursuit of a psychedelic experience. So okay, okay - although Aruba was once a Dutch colony and is still part of the commonwealth, there is no other controlled substance served up at theses licensed establishments besides booze, booze and - did I mention? Oh yes - booze. But on the off chance that you've successfully turned your week in Aruba into a seven day bender, it's just all the more reason to sidle on up to the bar at this highly posh place to drink. Even the most burnt out drinkers in the crowd will find Iguana Joe's to be a new and exciting experience.

But for the sake of reality, don't expect to find a great deal of haggard individuals inside of this low lit, sophisticated joint. Rather than a place to take your unshaven, hung over college buddies to, Iguana Joes is typically a cut above. If you want to spend a night out with a date, this is a great place to begin - as early as happy hour - but most likely when it's peaking after a long (did I mention romantic?) dinner at any of the classy waterfront Aruba restaurants.

The scene tends to pick up as if it were gaining inertia from some unknown and phantom-like party presence. As the crowds get larger here, they also tend to get a bit younger. Typically, the demographic is a mix of the fun-loving island locals and the hippest of the tourists. No matter when you go, however, there's sure to be a smiling vibration and an inebriated sort of festive mannerism to the majority - if not every last one - of the patrons.

Personally, I find Iguana Joe's to be one of the most fantastic of watering holes on the entire island of Aruba. It's something special that they manage to do with the place - for one thing, the décor is as colorful as the drinks, and then the drinks themselves…they're so sweet, as sweet, in fact, as the beautiful someone - tourists and locals alike - who you will undoubtedly chance running into.

Find this exceptional location at L.G. Smith Blvd in the exquisite and elegant Royal Plaza Mall. For more information, call these friendly folks up from any local phone by dialing (297) 583-9373.

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