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Cuba's Cookin'

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If you find yourself uncontrollably sighing "mmm mmm delicious" as you saunter up to the dance floor, it won't be because there's anything good in the kitchen. Oh, no. But believe me, it is delicious.

Spicy? You betcha! That must be the salsa in the sauce! In fact, there is no kitchen, per se, at Cuba's Cookin' but this does not stop them from serving up a feast. And whether you choose to let your eyes feast as you kick back in the plush lounge and bar area, or if the rhythm gets so infectious that you just can't help but swing out onto the dance floor, you won't regret spending at least one night out at this all night rhythmic Latin dance club.

So what, exactly, is the special allure of the packed and super charged steam filled salsa and merengue rhythm-bumping Cuba's Cookin' dance location? To begin with, in a nutshell more or less, would be to say that the club's appeal is, well, a Latin thing. As its name suggests, this dance club truly embodies the spice of the Caribbean in all of its heat and rhythmic glory. The spirit of Cuba, for many reasons, being one of the most exotic and forbidden fruits of the tropics, has an overwhelming presence here…

But at this point it becomes a bit difficult to explain precisely what is so sexy about the club. Sure you could point out that the men and women who frequent this place are often locals who fearlessly approach the dance floor and display all the dance move bump and groove capabilities of their hard beading bodies as awe-struck westerners try to keep up or simply ogle in praise. But this isn't exactly what's so attractive about the place. Perhaps it was more about the way that the sexy young bronze-skinned Latina women tend to confidently grasp the unsuspecting tourist like you or me with their penetrating gaze and pull you out onto the dance floor for one of the most unforgettable experiences of a lifetime. I guess that gets closer to summing it all up.

But to end the review here would be to ignore the best part of Cuba's Cookin' - the drinks! That's right; with no kitchen in site and all of the "cookin'" going on up at the dance floor, I almost forgot to mention that there is a fantastic selection of cold, frozen daiquiris and Margarita's - light but deliciously potent drinks that can keep you dancing for hours.

So come on out to one of the most happening clubs in all of Aruba. You won't be dismayed, especially when you consider the fact that a good number of the visitors are local, or come straight from Cuba, Venezuela and other great nations in this fine part of the world known for rhythm and grace that is only second to their good looks. And by all means, enjoy the flavor!

Find the center of salsa located in the capital city of Oranjestad on Wilhelminastraat 27, Oranjestad. For more information you can dial up these friendly folks by calling (297) 588-0627 from any local telephone.

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