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Charlie's Bar

Nightlife & Entertainment

As the smoke curls up from your cigar and you gaze thoughtfully out onto the rich blue Caribbean sunshine/sunset horizon, breathe in years of war-time history, factory struggles, and sailor's stories as you in between sips of your favorite ice cold drink.

Want to go outback but not miss out on the pristine white sandy beach spread out before your waterfront watering hole on the beautiful island of Aruba? Then stop by San Nicolas and put down a few cold ones - whether it's the refreshing Mexican beer you've come to love this far or the famous frozen daiquiris and flavored margaritas that help make this bar and seafood / Arubian restaurant one of the most sought after on the island, you'll be glad that you made the trip down to the Southeast Coast of Aruba to find this one-of-a-kind half historic tourist attraction-half local sailor dive of a bar and restaurant.

Charlie's bar was first established way back in the year 1941 by the man I like to call Uncle Charlie. It's lasted through the Second World War, years of working class patronage and has now bloomed into one of the most popular must-see kind of places on the island of Aruba. Of course, it's maintained its quaintness - and besides the juicy seafood platters, that's all it has in order to attract the more hip minded of the elite island vacationers like you and me who can make it out to a paradisiacal island such as Aruba.

So to get an idea of what it's like inside, you can very well picture this place in the same way that you could picture going into any "American" bar in central Europe, the walls of which are littered with old clocks, post cards, and other super-tacky-but-hip-as-hell historical tokens. It's almost too quaint to be true. Fortunately, it is true, and it's the rich history that keeps me coming back to one of the most thrilling places to relax in.

And it's also the gritty working-class feel that pulls in a significant section of the rich, alternative-tourist client base that's looking a sort of rugged authenticity in the place they drink. Yeah, sure; it's kind of a fad. It's just like educated young intelligentsia who like to drink Pabst Blue Ribbon declare it the best damn beer they've ever tasted while they slam the empty pint glass onto the bar. Kinda fake. But I have to admit that it's still a lot of fun, and in an off beat place like Aruba that is already so far off of the map, the friendliness of the locals supercedes everything else, and it's hard for them not to take a liking to you.

Get to San Nicolas by following the street signs that lead you to the south eastern tip of the island. Look for Charlie's Bar on the main street Zeppenveldstraat 56. For more information, you can call these friendly folks up by dialing (297) 584-5086.

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