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It's the net hanging from the roof and the message in a bottle type of sandy sailor feel that first makes you realize right away you're in one of Aruba's truly special bars. Drink some refreshing Mexican beer and delight yourself on the rib specialties before smoking cigars in the company of the ancient locals and learning all about the old days on Aruba.

Alternatively, mingle with the younger crowd. Attractive locals and fashionable tourists who can actually find this obscure and off beat although incredibly hip kind of place have determined that Castaway's is one of their favorite places to snack on sumptuous BBQ delights or simply throw back a cold one on one of those sultry spectacular summer evenings in Aruba. Indeed, despite the humility of this place - there's no frozen drinks, only ice cold beer - it really does allow the intrepid and eager Aruba island vacationer like you put a notch in the belt. The pure tasting, thirst quenching limitless food and refreshing drink here is an experience that will be remembered around the world by anyone fortunate enough to chance upon the bar known as Castaway's.

I should forewarn anyone interested enough to go to this bar that it really does take some imagination to discover this wonderful bar by winding around out to the back of the mall called Royal Plaza.

Probably one of the most treasured and undiscovered beauties of the Caribbean can be summed up in one inviting and sumptuous word - Castaway's. But why is this such a fantastic Aruba destination? It's due to the fact that Castaway's was once, in fact, the home of a poor, although happy, fisherman. Hence the name of this beat up old joint that hearkens back to the days of this poor fisherman's career when he would get up before dawn every day, kiss his sleeping wife on the cheek, fire up the old motor on his boat - lucky he was when it worked - and sail off into the sunrise.

So it's got that authentic shanty town feel that's just perfect for the owners right now. You see, there's a special je ne se qua that these things pick up when you can vouch for certain that the building really wasn't intended to be a bar. It's got a special attraction that brings in the hip locales and the cosmopolitan tourists. Essentially, you turn a fisherman's home into a bar just becomes about the cutest thing you could ever have imagined.

Find Castaway's in the exquisite town of Oranjestad. Although its name is more likely intended to be suggestive of a sailor's net (it was, as mentioned above, the home of a sailor before it became beautifully converted into one of Aruba's hippest bars), the name "Castaway's" can also be said to refer to it somewhat obscure location. It's tucked away at the back of the Royal Plaza Mall. So you might want to call ahead, for more information or even for directions, by dialing - from a local phone of course - the following number (297) 583-3619.

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