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It's a hot day, and you love it. The sweat drips off your brow and splashes onto the outer rim of your glass containing an ice cold pink-and-mango-colored daiquiri. You hang in a hammock; it's a world of relaxation that you encompass. "Time for a dip in the pool" you calmly say to yourself. Or perhaps a splash into the ocean. Hmm, I wonder how the reef is doing at this time of day. Maybe some snorkellng? In the end, you take slow, long suck from the straw to your frozen drink. Don't worry, you smile to yourself; there's time.

If you want every day of your tropical island vacation to be a day full of fun in the sun - or, as is also quite possible, spent relaxing in the shade - the just be sure that you hang out, essentially, anywhere near to the Marriott Aruba Resort & Stellaris Casino. Better yet, book a room here and experience the epitome of luxury. The palm trees, the water - not to mention the margaritas…with unlimited activities and exciting things to do within this can't-miss resort and casino complex, it may even seem at time that you are running out of time to get out and enjoy the rest of this incredible vacation destination of an island.

In terms of lodging, this is one of the finest places to stay in Aruba. Guest rooms and suites come decked out in lavish tropical colors and beautiful patterns. Curtained sliding glass doors open out to spacious balconies that give you world-class views of the deep turquoise blue Caribbean ocean.

Whether relaxing or just plain energized, all of your essential entertainment needs are taken care of at this lavish hotel, resort and casino complex good for couples, groups and even family fun. The Amoeba-shaped pool itself weaves and curves throughout the palm tree grove - it's a perfect place to hang out for those who like to wade up to cocktail bars or relax in the shade. Alternatively, you can spend some time in the fitness center or rejuvenate in their world-class spa. Feel like moving around? Play a round of doubles on the professional sized courts that light up at night. And the casino? Indeed, this is only the beginning of the extensive list of amazing features and activities at this top notch lodging and vacation destination facility.

No matter what they say, you won't forget this high rise. It's something about the perfect combination they achieve. It's a combination of beach front property and dense and luscious palm trees all throughout the grounds that lean lazily over the oversize, inviting heated swimming pool while they also gently allow relaxing island vacationers like you to string up hammocks from tree trunk to tree trunk.

You can find the Marriott Aruba Resort & Stellaris Casino hotel resort complex at the L.G. Smith Boulevard #101 in the classy and popular Palm Beach town on the unforgettable island of Aruba. Call in advance to make reservations. Their local number is (297) 586-9000. In addition, you can visit the Marriot Aruba Resort and Stellaris Casino at

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