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Imagine a white and tan colored sandy beach spotted with thatched shade structures and palm trees. Now imagine that you are among these tropical niceties, lounging back and staring into the water and feeling the cool trade winds caress your face as you sip on a frozen drink. You look out upon a vista that is perfectly flat, and blue, and artistically spotted with white puffy clouds. This is Caribbean Sea, as seen from Aruba, and you are there.

Come to the relaxing Manchebo Beach Resort and Spa in order to experience what Aruba is really all about. It's the magic of having everything and nothing to do at the same time. With limitless activities and restaurants, not to mention the water sports, the tennis and the fine dining, you'll soon realize that while these are attractions well worth partaking in, it might be just as pleasant to take an afternoon or two - or all seven of your vacation, if need be - to experience the calm romance and charming beauty of Manchebo Beach itself.

Indeed, the location of Manchebo Beach Resort and Spa speaks volumes about its worth as an ideal vacation destination for eager vacationers like you who are in search of an exceptional Aruba island getaway experience. On the largest beaches in the island, happy visitors such as yourself can experience the rare combination of that secluded island feel, the beautiful nature and the proximity of the resort the some of the best local nightlife on the island. All of this works to make Manchebo beach just about the perfect getaway spot to put this highly classy resort.

Enjoy a richly Caribbean décor in your guest room that's housed in the cozy and inviting hut suites planted right on the beach. With thatched roofs and a quaint tropical feel, the elegant low rise hotel and resort spa complex wings out in two and surrounds a exquisite, sand-based "courtyard" of sorts. The 71 guest rooms here are just about the most romantic type of room you could imagine renting for the honeymoon you've been looking forward to for so long. Enjoy the spa as well!

In addition to the superb facilities, the Manchebo Beach Resort and Spa boasts a great number of fine dining restaurants inside and nearby the complex, as well as a variety of exciting land and water sport activities.

But it's not only the lodging, restaurants and activities that make the Resort and Spa at Manchebo Beach one of the most ideal places in Aruba for romantic vacation getaways for to - it's the service and the atmosphere as well. Let the friendly staff here smile their way into your heart, and make the most of your Aruba diversion. You will never forget the place. It's amazing.

Find the Manchebo Beach Resort and Spa in the town of Manchebo and Eagle Beach on one of the western most tips of the beautiful green island of Aruba. To find out more about this fantastic vacation destination suitable for honeymooners, groups of friends and families alike - and if you want to know more about booking a reservation - visit their website at

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