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Divi Village Golf and Beach Resort

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Dip into the sumptuous turquoise water and lounge around under the shade of a thick-leaved palm tree. Take your romantic honeymoon partner or the whole happy family to enjoy a pre-packaged and totally entertaining tropical resort vacation experience.

It's been reported so many times - disappointment after disappointment from all-inclusive package travelers throughout the world of vacation destinations who buy into a great fun-in-the-sun deal, only to find that after the initial payment there are continual unexpected costs and fees that they were totally unprepared for. It's the ultimate let down, and as an aficionado of Caribbean islands, I can tell you that having this happen at other hotels is probably one of the worst experiences to go through while otherwise trying to make the most of your vacation.

So that's why I can whole heartedly vouch for the great deal you'll get at the Divi Village Golf and Beach Resort. It's a wonderful package full of exciting activities, meals, treats and more - and there are verifiably no extra costs that sneak up on you halfway through the fun. So kick back, relax and let the good island vacation all inclusive package times roll.

Indeed, you really do get to eat and drink all you want at the five excellent restaurants right here at the resort. And what about the bars? You got it - it's all prepaid, and even the snack areas are included in this super value package deal that's great for the entire family.

But once you are full to your heart's content, what about the exciting island adventures that you and the energetic kids - or your romantic honeymoon date - want to jump on board and enjoy. There's no limit to the water sports that don't involve an engine - that means all the snorkeling, windsurfing and more that can be had on the island is yours included. In addition, fantastic land sport activities such as tennis, bicycling and the fine amenities - like spa and fitness - of the Tamarijn resort right by. In addition, you will not get charged a second time on the fees for services nor will you be asked to pay a tax - it's all part of the plan.

So in terms of lodging, there's a special tip that you should be aware of - just because it costs more here at the Divi Village Golf and Beach Resort doesn't mean that it is better. From the 203 guest rooms, take one of the less expensive rooms that overlook the garden. You won't get the exceptional views of the beach, but you will also be happily free of the loud mechanical noises from the laundry and air conditioning apparatuses. Plus, you get a Jacuzzi in these rooms. But no matter what type of room you stay in here, the furniture and spacious ambience is superb.

Located on Druif beach and at various locations on the island on the exceptional coastline of the island of Aruba, the central address for this all-inclusive vacation resort destination is J. E. Irausquin Blvd. 45. Contact them from North America by dialing (800) 554-2008 or dial locally at the following number: (297) 582-3300. Alternatively, you can send them a fax by dialing (297) 583-4002. For more information, visit their website at

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