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Amsterdam Manor Beach Resort

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Enjoy the tropics the best way they can be enjoyed - romantically. Relax in a quiet and secluded room for two that's surrounded with rich foliage and a superb sense of Caribbean island isolation.

It's a European thing, and you'll understand once you get there. With a Dutch fairy-tale like structure to the building structure at this hotel resort destination, visitors will be wistfully amazed by the onion shaped pinnacles and the steeply slanted roofs.

"It feels like I'm Hansel and you're - you're Gretel!" I chanced to overhear one attractive young couple from Argentina jest as they gleefully skipped up to this exquisite resort hotel complex. But don't worry, this house isn't made of candy, and the concierge won't try to eat you by the end of this story. In fact, the conscientious staff here is charged with the primary goal of having you experience the best of Aruba serenity and pleasure while they conduct themselves to bring you the best service imaginable.

But just because you don't have to suffer the fairy tale curse doesn't mean that the old world structure of this amazing resort hotel will not simply blow your mind. It will. That's because within the main structure are numerous hidden court yard enclosures which add a very enchanted feel to the whole place. But this allure is only the beginning of the excruciating delight you will feel upon first stepping into one of the unbelievably imaginative guest rooms, studios or suites here at the Amsterdam Manor Beach Resort.

With solid European oak furnishings, terra cotta style tiled floors, thick toned fabrics and elaborate carpet patterns, the spacious habitations give way to breathtakingly picturesque balcony views of the white sandy beaches and the aqua marine colored ocean water.

Really, it is one of the best spots on the island for couples. That's why the Amsterdam Manor Beach Resort, located at the incredible Manchebo and Eagle Beaches, is perfect for that quaint romantic island getaway you have always been dreaming of. It's an off beat kind of place known for its great service to couples, primarily, although all are fairly welcome to take up a room at this calm, relaxing and somewhat intriguing beach resort complex.

Although it's almost up against the high rise hotels, the Amsterdam Manor Beach Resort is one of the lasting low rise resorts. Really, this Dutch style vacation resort hotel and lodging destination is one of the best places in Aruba to experience the joys of island life in the exquisite, magical and old world style. Great for honeymoons, the Amsterdam manor will be an unforgettable experience for you and your loved one.

The comfortable and relaxing Amsterdam Manor Beach Resort can be found at the Eagle and Manchebo Beaches district of the island of Aruba. The address of this fine resort is J. E. Irausquin Blvd. 252. In order to make reservations in advance from North America, it is best to dial (800) 932-6509. Call locally by dialing (297) 587-1492. You can also fax the place at (297) 587-1463. In addition, you can visit their website at

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