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The Natural Bridge in Aruba is an awesome creation from Mother Nature, the wind and the pounding force of the Atlantic Ocean. This magnificent arch began as a solid rock of limestone coral but throughout the centuries has been carved into a unique bridge. The magnitude of the surf rising and pounding under the bridge and finding its way to the white sandy beach is a sight that will leave you speechless. As you lie on the beach you can witness the majestic waves of the Atlantic and visualize the power and force that it took to create this natural wonder.

The Natural Bridge is visited every year by tourist and photographers from all over the world. Many people wish to capture the power that can be seen by the surf with their cameras. Each time a wave pounds through the arch another majestic photo can be seized. Each one is more spectacular than the last. Photos of the Natural Bridge can be seen in many stores and on postcards in every corner of the world. This is just how captivating this sight is to bestow.

This Natural Bridge is only one of seven that can be seen in Aruba. But, this one is one of the largest natural bridges in the world. It stands some 23 feet above sea level and spans more than 100 feet. You can visit this unique sight any time of the day or night and there is no admission fee. This would be a wonderful spot for a picnic and just enjoying watching the surf and soaking up the Caribbean sun. There are a few refreshment stands close by in case you desire a cool drink. You can even stop by the souvenir shop and take home a prize.

There are many ways in which you can visit the Natural Bridge. One popular way is to get there by taxi. Taxis in Aruba do not have meters. Rates are fixed according to where you are going and how many people will be traveling. It is not customary to hail a cab in Aruba, it is best to call and reserve your time. You can call the dispatch office located at Pos Abou 41 which is right behind the Eagle Bowling Palace on Sasaki road at 5822116 or 5821604. Another taxi dispatch office is located at Boegoeroei 60, Noord and you can call them at 5875900. There are also various limousine services that also offer transportation to many tourist spots. Tuxedo Limousine Service is a great way to be pampered and enjoy the sights. Their telephone number is 297-582-5800.

You can also find some car rental agencies that will allow you to rent a car or jeep and enjoy the entire day sight seeing around Aruba. Some of the agencies include:

  • Caribbean Car Rental and their telephone number is 297-582-2515.
  • Econo Car Rental and you can visit them at
  • Amigo Car Rental is another agency on the island of Aruba. Their telephone number is (297) 586-0502/586-1414. You can also visit their website at

Directions to the Natural Bridge in case you wish to drive yourself are as follows. From Bucuti, go straight at the crossing at Alhambra Casino, go toward the hospital. When you get to the highway 1A make a right. At the first roundabout, turn right and then at the third roundabout, turn left. Just keep following this road and you soon will see the Natural Bridge.

If you prefer, you can also find some tour packages that will include a visit to the Natural Bridge. Fantasy Tours has two different tours that include the Natural Bridge, the half island tour and the sunset tour. The half island tour cost around $12.50 to $25.00. The sunset tour cost $20 to $35. For more information about their various tours you can contact them at (297)5 8 73316 or email them at

  • Wix Tours also has an afternoon tour that includes the Natural Bridge. Their prices are between $20 and $30. You can contact them at (297) 586-0347or 993-9200.
  • Explore Aruba and Banana Bus has several different tours to choose from including some that visit the Natural Bridge. Their prices are for children $16.25 and for adults $32.50. They also have special throughout the year and discount prices. You can find out more information by calling (297) 993-0757.

If you would like to see a couple of photos of the Natural Bridge here are two links to give you an idea of this awesome sight.


When you visit Aruba take out the time to visit this magnificent sight. It is a once in a lifetime experience.

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